Although Jen Siow is a photographer by profession, paintings, sculpture, mixed media and other visual arts have always been in his heart. Perhaps it was the years when he was young watching his dad paint, and his own exposure in the creative world, have hatched a desire to promote and support various art forms apart from photography.

He now dedicates part of his studio as an art and photo gallery, displaying not just his work but that of other visual artists. At the same time, small group meetings and workshops by photographers, artists, and sculptors are encouraged. He welcomes all creatives to contact him for collaborations in exhibitions and workshops.

UPDATE: We are pleased to play host to Fairview International School Art Speaks 2017 from 19 February till 3 March 2017. It had taken us 6 months to materialise Jen's dream of transforming Jen Studio into an art and photo gallery. For more details, check our Events page.


We were thrilled to host for this event from 19 February to 3 March 2017. It had been Jen's dream to incorporate an art gallery into Jen Studio and the process of realising this dream was indeed an exciting and fulfilling journey.

The art pieces displayed in Jen Studio was indeed a breath of fresh air as it had always been photography work displayed in this studio. We were surprised  by the quality of work submitted for display in this exhibition that we may invited a few of the guest artists to have their work displayed permanently here in Jen Studio.