Women of Substance: Ellie Ng

Throughout my career as a professional photographer, I have photographed thousands of women and I have enjoyed every moment of the journey. However, there are a handful of them who had managed to touch my soul and earned my respect as I know more about their lives and talents.

Here, I would like to share my thoughts and admiration for them, and hopefully their life stories would inspire you.


I first met Ellie when a friend of mine brought me to visit her at her studio years ago. Her drapery work on her mannequins left a deep impression in my mind, and her warm personality made me feel at home. 

Years later, whilst I was embarking on a whole new range of work that involved elements of drapery and art, she was the first person who came to mind. Her talents fulfil the requirements of the project I had in mind. Not only does she have an established fashion and textile design background, her experience in teaching catwalk and parade walk have also equipped her with a good sense of modeling and photography.

In these recent years, Ellie has established herself as an artist with her own voice, and she also involved herself in multitude of roles, such as an arts and craft instructor, a light sculptor, an event organizer and a gallery curator.

In the beginning, I felt she was a tough person to work with. She is level-headed and possesses a strong character. As such, she does not always agree with my ideas. With time, I found that all my ideas turned out to be better after our brainstorming. Each and every photoshoot I have collaborated with her has been exceptionally rewarding and inspiring. Our positive energy is so uplifting that working with her is like the fusion of two minds incubating ideas waiting to be hatched.

Collaborating with her is almost an art form in itself. As an established photographer with a sometimes inflated ego, I must acknowledge that Ellie is one person who has always managed to bring my work to the next level.

She is currently the Creative Director and Resident Artist of Jen Studio.