Craving for Big Budget Days

The image that you see here was actually a location shot. We had travelled for hours till we reached the waterfall which was to be the site of our shoot. However, this is not a case whereby you put a model and shoot her with the naturally formed backdrop that you have on-site. Big production like this would have detailed vision of the final output portrayed and is very often that the actual scene does not look like the vision provided.  Such jobs are expensive to produce and clients will only hire experienced photographers for it is not about shooting a girl but understanding the communication needs of the campaign and the ability to translate the brief into reality. You have to use lots of lights and camera craft to create the masterpiece.

This is not a cut-and-paste photo, meaning there was no photoshop aid in producing the composites of the shot. We needed 3 days to complete this shot. The first day was used to build the set. The columns that you see were made out of polystyrene. Day 2 was used to experiment on the mixture of natural and artificial lighting. Finally the shot with the model was completed on the third day. The actual shoot whilst exciting, was only a small part of the production. My joy and satisfaction is when I can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.