Women of Substance: Tina Yeung



I first met Tina at a function for expatriate women married to Malaysians. Almost all the foreign wives were of Caucasian descent except for this one Chinese-looking woman.When I spoke to her, I realised that if I closed my eyes, she is every inch a Brit. Due to the Malaysian immigration challenges, most foreign wives end up as homemakers. However, Tina strikes me as a person who cannot be ‘caged’ in the house. As years passed, i observed her career growth and her adaptation to life in Malaysia.

From the time she arrived in Malaysia 21 years ago, she has worked in the education sector and has travelled extensively throughout South East Asia to speak to students about furthering their studies. She arrived from the UK looking like a local Malaysian but with a British accent, something people find amusing and sometimes entertaining, especially when she mispronounced Malay words.

Tina was eager to settle into the Malaysian lifestyle so she volunteered at WWF for a few months in the communications department. After a while, she started working for a lovely couple who started her career in education in Malaysia. She later moved on to work for a prestigious British university, and this is where her social and work circles widened. Tina joined the board of the largest chamber in the country and is a proud member of the Rotary Club. Through this network, she sits on the board of an established international school and offers her time for various education committees.

Since then, she has learnt quite a lot about Malaysia and all the wonderful things in this country. Though she admits she does occasionally miss the cooler weather!

Today, she runs a small enterprise and continues to keep active socially and physically.