Behind-the-scene of my new website photoshoot

After years of expansion like an airline acquiring new routes, we find ourselves with multiple websites, each catering to a different genre and client. All’s well until the discovery of myself being afflicted with a genetic eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. [Read more about this in a future post] 

With this came the challenge of consolidating the business to a manageable capacity to enable me to offer my clients the same quality products and personal service. After much painful but necessary decisions, I have to drop some products and with it the departure of very talented staff. 

Moving forward I have decided to transform the business from an advertising photography studio to a creative centre for all forms of visual arts. It will encompass studio space for rental, as well as photography services by associate photographers handpicked and mentored by me. My most ambitious dream is to turn my first floor space into an art gallery. For this I will introduce an artist-in-residence programme. Eventually I will display art and photography works of other visual makers. Workshops and creative classes will come as the transformation evolves. I have decided to consolidate all my business activity to a new to be launched end of August.

Part of the making of this website is to showcase the rental studio space for car photography. For this undertaking, I have been blessed with the loan of a Volkswagen Beetle from celebrity radio producer, Ms Freda Liu. That’s not just her car; it’s her baby too. So with great care, she drove into the studio onto our unique built-in turntable. I believe I am the only studio in Malaysia with this facility.

I had the turntable constructed more than 10 years ago to facilitate 360 degrees panorama photography. A future post will explain all about VR photography.  I had so many assistants on that day, so much so that I was a little worried that too many cooks will spoil the soup. However it all turned out well and I am so grateful to all the individuals who had a finger in the pie. A picture says a thousand words.