The Broncolor Siros L Product Launch

The event was held at the EngTong Systems’ Studio at Kota Damansara. This is a factory-sized showroom, studio and warehouse facility, a testament to the success of the company founded by the late Mr Koh Eng Tong. I was there on time and there was already a big crowd. The audience consists of mainly next generation young photographers. Others are old timers here to support the event and network with old friends. I share the stage with fashion photographer, Muhammad Zamir.

I was the curtain raiser and started the event after a brief introduction by the CEO of EngTong, Mr Ronnie Koh. I showed a selection of my work and highlighted to the attendees to look at the technical quality of my images and not just the interesting subject content which are mainly beautiful models. I then showed my current personal work. This was followed by a little history of my relationship with EngTong Systems and my experience using Broncolor equipments. Highlighting issues like consistent flash power, colour temperature, recharging times and flash duration. All these points were repeated and stressed again by Zamir later.  Of course I touched on the built and durability of Broncolor as I still have the equipment I purchased 30 years ago, chugging away daily in my studio. 

I stayed on to enjoy Zamir’s presentation. I ended the evening with lots of selfies with new and old friends.