Wedding & Portrait Photographers Asia (WPPA) Conference 2016

I have spoken at three of the past WPPA conventions and felt good to be invited back to do my song and dance. This is a serious convention for professional photographers. The 4-day event encompasses print competition, main conference with lots of speakers and a couple of days with masterclasses from some of the esteem speakers. 

The speakers were rock stars from our own backyard — Alex Tan, Simmon Cheong, Darren Chia, and famous foreign photographers like Lito Sy. It was a pleasure to meet them.

We were given 30 minutes to present and I was the second speaker. I went to the event accompanied by two beautiful women — TS, my studio manager and Ellie, my Creative Director. She is also my resident artist and will soon set up her painting activities in Jen Studio. What would I do without them?

After a brief self-intro, I then showed my commercial portfolio that positioned me as one of the leading photographers in the Beauty and Advertising industry.

There was complete silence when I shared how I was afflicted with a genetic eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa, which resulted in me having very limited vision. Assuring the audience that even with my present challenges, I still have great passion for photography. This keeps me going, and I am still shooting my personal work. I then showed a selection of my personal work. Later at lunch, I met with Alvin Leong, the founder of WPPA, a man whom I admire for doing so much for the industry. He told me he was pleased with my presentation and will invite me again for other speaking engagements. Not sure if it was the presence of my two charming companions that made him compliment me.