Women of Substance: Freda Liu

Freda Liu

I first met Freda in 2013 through a common friend, Rienna Choo. They were exercise buddies. I was looking for someone to experiment on a new direction at my studio. I was not aware that she was working at BFM Radio or a former TV and radio newsreader but she was a big fan of my work.

Our relationship continued with her invitation to join her at church where she will pick me up every Sunday.  Over the years, we have become firm friends in Christ and she has also introduced me to a bigger "family."  Three years on, it was only natural for me to ask her to participate in my Women of Substance collection.

People would most probably know her from her time in radio and TV. Prior to her current role, she used to work at IBM on a full-time basis. In the last few years, Freda is quite popular speaking at events around women empowerment and emceeing major corporate events. To date, she has written three books and is working on a fourth one. That's her professional life.

Knowing her on a personal basis, she strikes me as a go-getter and self-motivated. She decided to do a full marathon a few years back. As a single mother to an adorable son, she never let the bad times to last long. Freda is always quick to bounce back and take life by the horns.