Throughout his 41 years of experience as a professional photographer, Jen Siow has contributed new advances in Malaysia's photography industry. As the first photographer in Malaysia to use Adobe Photoshop and migrate to total digital workflow, he is recognised as the pioneer of digital photography and 360 degree Virtual Tour for automobiles in this country.

In serving a long list of corporate giants and distinguished clients, he has earned numerous accolades along the way: AppleMaster of Malaysia, Epson Brand Ambassador, Rado Photoartist. He was in the Asian Advisory Board for Apple Aperture.

Jen is better known in the industry for his beauty images and portraiture.


  • AppleMaster of Malaysia

  • First Epson Brand Ambassador

  • Advisor for Apple Photography Software, Aperture

  • First in Asia to create a VR (virtual reality) interior & exterior of an MD-11 aircraft

  • First Malaysian to create VR of automobiles (Toyota, Lexus)

  • Rado Photoartist